Under the direction of the physician governing bodies ALL NON-ESSENTIAL appointments are being postponed or converted to telephone appointments.

We appreciate your patience during the COVID19 pandemic.
Meet the Team
The Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic is divided into 4 sections we call Pods. Each Pod has 5-6 physicians and 1 Nurse Practitioner working collaboratively with other Health Care Professionals from the Guelph Family Health Team.
  1. Maple Pod
    Dr. J. Dason Dr. S. Charlton Dr. D. Naidoo Dr. R. Danielli Dr. C. Vogel Seraphina McAlister NP Les Dahlinger MHC Andrea Heffernan PCNC
  2. Oak Pod
    Oak Pod
    Dr. J. Schuurman Dr. F. Iftikhar Dr. R. Hamilton Dr. S. Gawron Dr. J. Nairn Hilda Quartey NP Dave Vervoort MHC Erin Sevigny PCNC
  3. Pine Pod
    Pine Pod
    Dr. D. Friars Dr. T. Tobin Dr. M. Gibson Dr. E. Turvey Dr. G. Wallace Jennifer Skolseg NP Rhonda Williams PCNC
  4. Olive Pod
    Olive Pod
    Dr. K. Librach Dr. E. Pavanel Dr. G. Albrecht Dr. E. Choi Dr. D. Schieck Ashley Cressman NP Juliana Villabone MHC Ljiljana Lukic PCNC