Under the direction of the physician governing bodies ALL NON-ESSENTIAL appointments are being postponed or converted to telephone appointments.

We appreciate your patience during the COVID19 pandemic.
The Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic has 20 family physicians working with other Allied Health Professionals and Specialists to manage your health care.
The Clinic currently has an Allergist, Nephrologist and Infectious DiseaseĀ  Specialst on site to help your physician manage your health concerns.
Our Allied Health Professionals work collaboratively with your physician to help you mange your health care.
If you have any fever or cough PHONE FIRST!!
DO NOT ENTER without speaking to us first about your symptoms. Even if you haven't travelled.
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Public Health: 519-822-2715
Telehealth : 1-866-797-0000
Feeling anxious about COVID 19? Call Here 24/7 to talk with a mental health worker: 1-844-437-3247

After Hours Clinic

The After-Hours Medical Clinic is for Urgent concerns only.
It is not a convenient substitute for routine care provided by your doctor.

Patients that are dishonest about their current health or symptoms to gain access, fraudulently, to the FHO After Hours clinic may face consequences up to and including dismissal from their physician.

Your family physician is most suited to manage all aspects of your health care and is generally able to see you during regular office hours. If you required any medical attention, please contact your family physician FIRST.

The are no narcotics kept on the premises.
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Life is busy, and your time is valuable. We understand that and are making every effort to improve access in order to serve you better.

We are currently running a trial for Online booking. If you have an urgent concern or are unable to book, please contact our reception team.
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Dawson Travel and Immunization Clinic

The Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic is conveniently located at 83 Dawson Rd. Suite 101 Guelph ON. Our health team, consisting of certified vaccine and Immunization specialists is directed by Dr. Tom Tobin a certified member of the International Society of Travel Medicine.
The Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic is a full service environment with fully trained nursing and travel medicine physician support to ensure that you receive the proper travel vaccines as directed by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Our Travel clinicians will provide you and your family with everything necessary to ensure a healthy journey and a safe return. Our team of professionals and travel experts will ensure you are receiving the proper pre and post travel education in conjunction with the appropriate travel vaccines.
Our clinic administers a complete range of vaccines to protect you against diseases such as Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever and Rabies as well as traveler's diarrhea. Our clinic also administers various vaccines outside the scope of travel to address patient care like Shingrix, Pneumovax, Guardasil and TB skin tests.

We are a Yellow Fever Certified Clinic.

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